Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly wrap-up: Doughnuts and rum

It's Sunday so it's time for my weekly wrap-up. The weather has been amazing so I haven't done half the things I thought I would this week. I've just been slacking, drinking iced tea on my balcony and reading old newspapers. Good times.

  • I visited Tampere, the city where I study and lived for many years. They serve absolutely legendary doughnuts at Pyynikki observation tower (Pyynikin näkötorni). Wikipedia told me that "In Finland a sweet doughnut is called a munkki (the word also means monk) and are commonly eaten in cafés and cafeteria restaurants. They are sold cold and are sometimes filled with jam (U.S. jelly) or a vanilla sauce. A ring doughnut is also known as donitsi."

The description above is somewhat true, but sweet doughnuts at Pyynikki are so much more than that, they are huge ring doughnuts with lovely cardamom flavor. I really miss those now that I don't live in Tampere anymore.

  • I've been planning some crafts projects so this week I bought a bunch of stuff from craft stores Tiimari and Sinelli. I can't really show you the items here yet, because I'm making something as a gift for someone.

  • While I was in Tampere, I also visited a great Asian store they have there, East Asia Mart. I wish I could do all my shopping there, they have an amazing selection and so many things I haven't tried yet. I bought lots of sushi supplies (more about this next week), some kimchi and different sauces.

  • Lastly, I finished reading The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson. I loved the book, the atmosphere of Puerto Rico in the 1950's and all those lost souls drowning their sorrows with rum. Then I had to rent the movie too, because Johnny Depp usually makes any movie worth watching and I wanted to see the storyline come to life. I have to say I was very disappointed. They had made some weird changes, combined some of the main characters into one and that way totally lost the focus. The main character, Paul Kemp (played by Depp) has in the book some major identity crisis, fear of settling into adult life and at the same time not achieving his career goals. In the movie Kemp is just driving around the island with his buddies, taking some drugs and chasing after the pretty girl Chenault. I felt that the movie lacked all depth the book had. It was a disappointment.

I hope you all had a good week!

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