Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pin It and Do It #5: DIY dreamcatcher

While this rainy weather forced me to stay indoors, it also gave me some spare time to continue with the Pin It and Do It -challenge. I chose a dreamcatcher as my fifth project for the challenge. Here's the original picture by Fryd that I used as inspiration, although in the end I only used similar color theme and the rest was something different.

Before you scream "sacrilege!" I'll admit I couldn't be further away from traditional Native American culture. I've never seen a real dreamcatcher so this one is only my humble version of it.

I wanted the center net part to look like a spider web, and the decorations to look like feathers without using real feathers. I used translucent Cromático paper for the feathers, and it was a great choice. That paper is almost plastic-like and it was really easy to cut and then fold the way I wanted. The color selection they have is amazing and all colors really pop from translucent paper.

First I used transparent tape to attach the feathers but later covered them with pink sticker tape to make it prettier.

The circle was made from disposable paper plate. I cut the center part away and folded the edges towards center and then covered it with lace ribbon.

Here's the finished dreamcatcher. I hope it helps me have better dreams by catching all the bad ones into that net.

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  1. My brother-in-law has a dreamcatcher tattoo on his shoulder. No Native American blood for him either. ;) But I love what you've done here!