Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly wrap-up: Tapas and rainy days

I decided I'm going to make a short wrap-up at the end of each week. If I have nothing to tell you, I'm going to at least draw some visual dream journal because I have the craziest dreams. A few nights ago I had a dream where I was hiding from a black bear and we don't even have those in Finland! Luckily we don't have polar bears either, even though some people think so. But enough of my dreams because this week I actually did something.
  • I met with my friends in Helsinki and we shared a lovely selection of tapas at Tapasta Bar. Their tomato soup is to die for. This is me wishing I could eat that soup for the rest of my life:

  • I was at our summer cottage for a few days, but the weather was really bad. I spent some rainy days indoors planning on what I'll be doing during the summer when it hopefully doesn't look like this:

  • We made some amazing smoked salmon that we ate with roasted potatos and tzatziki sauce:

  • Now I'm back home again and in a couple of minutes I'm going to write another post about my latest #PinItDoIt crafts project. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no birds had used my nesting material cage at our summer cottage. Boohoo.

I hope you had a lovely week too!


  1. Salmon looks absolutely fantastic, couldn't say same about the weather, though... Welcome back to the Sunny South :)

  2. Oh, almost forgot: Good luck with your new blog. Looks very nice!

    1. Egg my darling, thanks for the visit! *mwah*