Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pin It and Do It #6: Rock garden markers

As soon as I saw these rock garden markers on Pinterest (originally from this blog), I knew I would be making some myself. Such a clever idea, easy to clean and doesn't get ruined even if it rains. I happen to have many jars of stones that I collected as a child when I spent my holidays in Crete.

At one point I almost threw those stones away, because I was on a cleaning spree and I thought there's no sense in storing stones in jars. There's even less sense dragging those stones across the world with a heavy suitcase. I mean, a stone is a stone. Of course it's shaped by the sea and it's a memory of the place you've visited, but no more stones for me. I have plenty.

So, this Pin It and Do It -challenge gave me a good reason to make something useful with my stones. I used acrylic paint like the blog suggested. It's water-soluble when you paint but then dries quickly and becomes water-resistant. My tip is to use a small but hard brush, otherwise the color will smear. I wrote all texts and details with a permanent marker.

I wish it was June already and I could go to our summer cottage and plant all the seeds I have and then put these to good use. It makes me happy to know that I'll have a little piece of Crete in my garden this summer.


  1. Wow! These are really nice. Your handwriting and art are great! Happy Gardening!

  2. I love these! I need to do more things that I pin! But it is cool you can finally put to use some of the stones from your travels.

  3. Thank you Sara and Brittany! Without Pinterest I would still be stuck with my jars of stones. Now I want to make more of these!

  4. Your paintings are wonderful! I don't currently have a garden but am hoping for next year and will have to remember these. Love them! You are quite crafty Hanna!

  5. Those turned out great! I love the stone with the white stripe. I can see why you picked it up!

  6. @Trish: Thanks so much! Hopefully you'lll get your garden next year. And the best part about these is that I don't have to store them anywhere, I can just leave them outside.

    @MJ: Thank you! I think these work better when the stone is quite light in color. Most of these stones were prettier wet but now they all just look grey.