Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly wrap-up: Bookwormish behavior

Not much has happened this week. We built a raised bed for our garden, visited Kauhava summer market and bought some delicious lemon buns.

The highlight of my week was all the reading I managed to do.  I can recommend all these three books:

The Song of Troy by Colleen McCullough. I love history and all the great tales, and this book tells a very detailed story of the Trojan War. Who knew Odysseys was such a sneaky man and the mastermind behind all things? This book manages to make war look glorious. Interesting story from several viewpoints. There must be some truth to all of this, at least I want to think so.

Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith. Oh how I love Mma Ramotswe, the lovely and traditionally built lady detective from Botswana. Her wisdom makes me smile, even though this book didn't have as much storyline as I would've hoped for. Even the new cases in No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency seemed to be much like the earlier ones. Still, it was a good summer read. Now I really want some cake and bush tea.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows. Potato Peel Pie? What on earth? The description of this book didn't make much justice for this book, it was way better than I imagined. I was afraid this would be some lame love story based on letter exchange but it was an interesting peek into history. This books tells about a little literary society found on Guernsey island during the Second World War. I can't reveal too much, just read this book. It gives a lot food for thought and describes war horrors in a heartbreaking way.

More book recs next week!

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