Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly wrap-up: After one nautical bachelorette party

This week was all about one day in particular, because a good friend of mine, Erika, is getting married this summer. A bunch of us threw her a very nautical bachelorette party yesterday. We spent the day at rainy and windy Helsinki, but had a fair amount of red wine to keep us warm.

After some surprise wake-up visit, a lovely brunch at Fanny, garden games at Kaivopuisto and coffee, cake and quizzes at Cafe Carusel, we were ready to own the nautical part of the day. We took a ferry to Uunisaari island, where the day continued with sauna and some bridal shower rituals.

There was a bachelor party going on in the other sauna next door, and someone had their wedding right across our sauna cottage on the same island. That was a bit weird, but surely not as weird as them having a wedding and watching from window how Erika was sprinting back and forth in only her bikinis belting out the names of her exes.

After some primping and prepping we took the one-minute ferry drive back to mainland and had a dinner at Glöd Bar&Grill. I had this perfect tender braised veal brisket with Vitello Tonnato sauce and spinach salad for starters. The meat was so tender it literally melted in my mouth. It's hidden under the sauce here so you can't really see it but believe me, it was amazing!

I chose bouillabaisse as my main course and it was good but nothing unforgettable. A bit too salty for my taste, and it came without a spoon. Maybe it's fine dining to eat soup with a fork these days? All in all this was a really good experience and I hope to eat more of that veal some other time.

Our party continued to nightlife and by the time I got home I had stayed up for almost 20 hours. If that day wasn't a good kick start for Erika's married life, I don't know what is. I hope she enjoyed it even if we embarrased her a bit!

I leave you with this food for thought from Glöd.

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