Friday, October 26, 2012

Pin It and Do It #15: Christmas table decoration

I'm dreaming of a silver sparkling Christmas! It may even come true if I keep spraying everything I own with white, silver and glitter paint. I've pinned lots of holiday table decorations that are made with some reindeer toys, candles, pinecones, twigs and bottle brush trees. I'm definitely making some bottle brush trees later because they are super cute and I don't think any stores sell those here in Finland.

So I decided to make my own table decoration for Christmas and I used these pins as inspiration: this one from citrusandorange, this one from Design Shimmer, this one from CountryLiving (just look at those crazy decor prices!) and this one from hom-e tumblr.

I bought my little deer toys from BR-Lelut and Christmas trees from Sokos. Those trees were on sale for only one euro each! The only problem was this original color:

Lots of silver spray, spray glue and glitter shaking and the trees changed into more subtle color:

I really like how those trees sparkle in the dim light. Now I only wish I would've bought more of them! Oh well, one more reason to make those bottle brush trees later.

Just a reminder: This is the fourth pin I've made for the October 2012 #PinitDoit challenge but to keep track of the total of pins I've made I'll keep the original number in my headlines. I hope it's not too confusing.

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